Practice tips!

Ten practice tips!

1. Get the instrument home, take it out, and leave it out. Students are more likely to pick up an already put together instrument and play it.
2. Help remind your student to play for 10 minutes every day they can. Some instruments are large, and are left at school for 2-3 days, which is okay as long as there are other practice days.
3. 10 minutes a day can be broken up into two 5 minute sessions.
4. Encourage practice as soon as students come home, before dinner, after dinner, before home work, after homework, before the sports game/meet, after sports….etc…
5. Encourage students to work on one assignment in their lesson book each day, or spend 1 or 2 minutes on each separate assignment.
6. Have students play their weekly assignments for you the night before their lesson if possible.
7. Schedule a family concert featuring their favorite songs we have learned so far.
8. Remember, it is far more beneficial to practice 5 days, at 5 minutes per day, instead of 25 minutes in one day.
9. Help students set up a regular practice time.
10. Be encouraging! Even when it doesn’t sound particularly good…

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