Playing trumpet with braces

Clarinet pinky key chart!


Free music recording software available for download. We will be using this to podcast in school

Music Tech Teacher

Free online music notation games, quizzes and work sheets designed to help students with learning about music literacy and proficiency.

Tips for playing at home

For Students:

The goal is to have fun playing your instrument!

  1. Find a nice quiet space to practice.
  2. Work on what we go over in our lesson, new stuff and have fun at the end by playing something you know really well and enjoy.
  3. If you get frustrated, take a few minutes away from the instrument and go back later.
  4. It is better to practice four days for twenty minutes, than one day for eighty minutes.
  5. If you practice something incorrect, it will be very hard to correct it later! Make sure what you are playing is exactly what you want.

For Parents:

Practicing at home can be a very rewarding experience for your student, but it can also have moments of difficulty and frustration. Self guided learning can be one of the most powerful skills any student can learn, its value will show throughout different aspects of their life, both in school and out. Here are some tips I would like to offer:

  1. Provide an environment where they can play music alone and for you.
  2. If frustration occurs, suggest taking a few minutes off to do another task and go back to playing later.
  3. Never use practice/playing as a punishment.
  4. Ask your student what their goals for the week.
  5. Positive encouragement is key!

How instruments are made:



Clarinet reeds:


Trumpet mouthpieces:




Snare drums:

Drum sticks:



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