Sub plans

Three options for sub plans:

1 – You’ll need internet and print the following number of copies per class of the “What I learned in band today”:

5th grade – 60, 6th grade – 40, 7/8 band – 50


2 – Students need chromebooks and headphones/earbuds.

3 – Have students visit the links listed below, they access this page from the CBMS band page. Videos are also on this page.

As the students enter please tell them they will need only a pen/pencil and a hard surface to write on today.  No instruments. Please have students sit in their normal seats.

Pass out worksheets (1 minute)
Please give each child a copy of the “What I Learned in Band Today” paper Click here! Please have them put their names on them and tell them that we WILL be looking at them when we return.  We expect thoughtful and engaged answers.

Show Video #1 – How to Read Music  (6 minutes)
Answer Video #1 questions (2-3 minutes)

Show Video #2 – How Brass Instruments Work  (4 minutes)
Answer Video #2 questions (2-3 minutes)

Show Video #3 –How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain  (5 minutes)
Answer Video #3 questions (2-3 minutes)

Video #4 –A Different Way to Visualize Rhythm (5 minutes)
Answer Video #4 questions (2-3 minutes)

SKIP number 5!

ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL Video #6 – Music and Math the Genius of Beethoven (4 minutes)
Answer Video #6 questions (3 minutes)

Please collect papers as the students are leaving.


Option 2:

Have students get head phones/ear buds, and Chromebooks and visit MUSIC TECH TEACHER and have students explore the various music games/quizzes located here.

Option 3:

NO INTERNET OPTION – silent reading, or silent study hall. Students should bring a book or homework to work on.