Why band is Important

We have music playing all the time! It is on the radio, in the car, on TV, on websites, facebook, games, it makes us happy, sad, nostalgic. Music is constantly surrounding us and with us through out our lives as we celebrate, mourn and cherish. It is essential to our human element that we learn and participate in music.

Music is essential to every students well rounded education. Students who participate in music learn skill sets that carry through to all aspects of their life. Team work, character building, ability to focus, goal setting, social skills, ability to critique in a positive environment, verbal and visual recognition skills, memory ability, literacy abilities, confidence building, cooperation, independence and personal responsibility.

Check out this link to the National Association for Music Education, a great packet full of facts, references to the benefits of music:

The Benefits of the study of Music

More info is constantly being added here as I find it. Check back often!


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